Please report any site issues here

Hey everyone,

I’ve just upgraded the web site to wordpress 2.7. If you’ve noticed that anything has broken, please report it here.

No additional downtime is expected at this time. :)


25 comments to Please report any site issues here

  • zarogon

    In Google Chrome Version 21.0.1180.79 and later in the Source Code block, number of lines reaches 9 and then start from 0.

    • Onix_GCI

      I have managed to solve this problem with script in Tampermonkey. Something like this:

      var head = document.getElementsByTagName("head")[0];
      var style = document.createElement("style");
      style.setAttribute("type", 'text/css');
      style.innerHTML = " .syntaxhighlighter .gutter .line { white-space: nowrap !important} ";

  • usherdavidson

    when u zoom in to the page all the text in the middle gets narower and the adds dont shrink or expand its very annoying when i want to zoom in and the type gets all screwed up

  • Raj Kumar Arora

    Thanks Alex for quick action. The "Print This Post" option is now available.
    Can you please take time to add Unix/Linux programming kind of stuff on your site?

    Raj Kumar Arora

  • Raj Kumar Arora

    Hi Alex,

    I am Raj Kumar Arora and few months back I found your website while googlling for some of my C++ conceptual problems. So I have been using your site regularly for updating my knowledge and I FOUND IT THE BEST PLACE TO STUDY C++.

    Recently after the restored from its crash, while browsing through the C++ tutorials section, I found that the option "Print This Post" which I used to get the printable version of the tutorial is missing.

    Please help restore that. Sorry before coming to this section, I have sent u a mail in this regard at Please ignore my mail.

    One more thing, sometimes I feel the need to have the similar kind of tutorials on Unix/Linux programming. (especially the IPC, Multithreading and Socket Programming). Can you please take time to add that kind of stuff on your site?

    Raj Kumar Arora

  • Anonymous

    Google Chrome complains about the blog:

    The website at contains elements from the site, which appears to host malware.

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