Server configuration completed

Hello everyone,

The server configuration has been largely completed and the problem that was causing the site to crash every few hours has been found and remedied. The forums are now online again -- so we should be up and running now faster than ever.

Thanks for bearing through all this maintenance stuff over the past month.

If you encounter any problems or find stuff that isn’t working, please post a response to this thread.


5 comments to Server configuration completed

  • on the homepage the link title "here" where we are supposed to leave errors/problems doesn't link to anything (404). just a friendly fyi

    • Heh, it broke because I changed the name of this article when I updated it. Whoops! In any case, everything has been up and running for a week with no major problems, so I took down the notice.

  • Naturality

    In the forums, my avatar no longer appears in Firefox, and IE displays a red x on white background. Should I re-upload? It's not really important, just something I've noticed.

  • Tim Daves

    I notice the Amazon ad blocks content on every page I have viewed so far. I sent an email too.

    Everyone donate. Help support great content like this!

    [ Sorry about that, the Amazon ad thing has been fixed. -Alex ]

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