To do

Site maintenance (Site cleanup / plugin maintenance / etc)

* Site is still on WordPress 4.99, consider migration to latest v5. v5 has new Gutenberg editor that may make rich editing of articles possible, but is also likely to break plugins.
* Need to find a new syntax highlighting module, as current one is no longer supported.
* Test like/dislike comments plugin -- perhaps
* Look if there’s a plugin to automatically convert all lessons to pdf in a nice format (Should run at least nightly). Do we even want this, because it reduces ad revenue?
* Previous/Next links on mobile link to wrong lessons ( ). We have links in the lessons, the mobile links can be removed.

Content update plan

* Update revamped lessons on main site (chapter 1-5) to use code and def tags instead of em tags for variable names and C++ terms.

Current plan:

  • Done: Scope and conversions (new chapter 6)
  • Compound types (in progress, new chapter 7) -- enums, references, structs, intro to objects, std::string, std::array, std::vector -- -pointers? +C-style string literals! +std::string_view! +containers (You already said array and vector)!
  • Control flow (not started, new chapter 8) -- stuff in chapter C -- +iterators! +basic algorithms!
  • Note: Chapter P.6 will have topics migrated to other chapters -- the remainder (dynamic allocation and C-style arrays) will go to some new chapter later
  • Functions and function objects (not started, new chapter 9) +Intro pointers?

* Migrate appendixes to lessonmap

* Finish site index (currently excludes chapters 12+)

* Lesson 9.11, 9.12, 9.13, 9.15 don’t fit into the chapter “Operator overloading”. What happened here?

* Lesson 17.5+ are using namespace std

* Lesson 16.3: Refresh

* Remove lesson 17.3. This lesson doesn’t add any value.

* The above 3 points would go on and on if only more people would read these lessons. Chapter 16+ are of poor quality compared to the rest of the tutorial. These chapters can be removed or incorporated into other lessons if there’s any important content.

* Swap lesson 4.5 and 4.5a

In-article cleanup

TBD: Within-article cleanup as part of the rewrite process for migrating older articles to the new style

* Migrate old-style articles to new style guide
* Migrate old-style articles to be best-practices compliant. A few common things:
** Update “using namespace std;” (using directive) with “using std::xxx” (using declaration) or explicit qualifier (preferred)
** Replace endl with \n
** Use uniform/brace initialization
* Replace the hardcoded link blocks at the bottom of articles with [link prevnext] (requires the current, previous, and next lesson to be in the lessonmap)
* Update lesson permalinks to remove lesson numbering and reflect new titles

User suggestions

* vtable with multiple inheritance ( )
* Chapter overview on index ( )
* Dates on “New” and “Updated” tags ( )
* More quizzes before lesson 4.X ( )
* Value categories ( )
* Chapter 9 is too syntax heavy ( ). This is a good candidate for tags (optional). It can be skipped and read bit by bit later.
* S.4.4c is too long ( )
* Dependent names in chapter 13 (Wait for C++20) ( )
* Explain common errors ( )
* Threading ( )
* Makefiles ( nascardriver: Replace one of the IDEs or manual compiler invocation instructions with CMake instructions.