Happy holidays to everyone!

I just wanted to take a moment and wish everybody a very happy holiday season!

In the 8 months this site has been in existence, we have had over 140,000 page views! I’d like to give special thanks to those of you who have taken the time to give feedback, catch typos, or helped to keep this site afloat financially (you know who you are). It is sincerely appreciated!

Sometime after Christmas or New Years, I intend to add threaded discussions to the site, which will give me the ability to better target responses to questions. I think it will help make this site even better than it is! For those of you who are regular visitors, I look forward to seeing you in the new year.

Happy holidays again, everyone.


3 comments to Happy holidays to everyone!

  • JL Garcia

    Hi Alex,

    I have been navigating this website for a while. I have never before try to learn C++ and will love to learn some.

    I would like to create a console application that will look at two fields in a database selected by a user and encode a barcode using an USPS4CB.dll into a new field.
    Do you think this can be done in C++?

    Sorry to have use this blog for this question but could not find another way.
    Thanks - JLG

    char TrackStr[20];
    char RouteStr[11];
    char ExpectBar[65];
    char TrackString[21]; /* Input parameter Track String + 1 null*/
    char RouteString[12]; /* Input parameter Route String + 1 null*/
    char BarString[66]; /* Output parameter Bar String + 1 null */

    • Yes, it could be done in C++. However, C++ does not come with built-in database accessing functionality. Consequently, you will have to use a library to do that (and which library you use depends on what type of database it is). Connecting to a DLL and accessing it's functionality can be very easy if you are provided the right files -- see the lessons A.1 and (A.2 or A.3) for more info on this.

      For future reference, the perfect place for this kind of question would be on the forums.

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