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The following noteworthy changes have been made:

2022 May 13Revision
2022 Apr 26Revision
7.16 -- std::cin and handling invalid inputChanged occurrences of `` to `!std::cin`.
2022 Apr 24New
10.11 -- Class template argument deduction (CTAD) and deduction guidesMoved CTAD from lesson 10.10 and added deduction guides section
2022 Apr 21Revision
2022 Apr 21New
2022 Apr 15New
2.3 -- Void functions (non-value returning functions)Moved some content from lesson 2.2. Added more discussion about return statements
2022 Apr 15Split
2.2 -- Function return values (value-returning functions)Moved some content of this lesson into lesson 2.3
2022 Apr 8Moved
SiteSplit chapter 9 (into 9 and 10). Previous chapters 10, 11, 12, 13 moved back.
2022 Mar 29Revision
8.14 -- Function template instantiationAdded section: Using function templates in multiple files
2022 Mar 29Moved
6.13 -- Inline functionsMoved lesson from chapter 10 to chapter 6
2022 Mar 28New
6.14 -- Constexpr and consteval functionsNew lesson: Constexpr and consteval functions
2022 Mar 27Revision
4.15 -- Symbolic constants: const and constexpr variablesAdded new section: "Constant expressions"
2022 Mar 20Revision
2.5 -- Introduction to local scopeAdded section: "Out of scope" vs "going out of scope"
2022 Mar 20Revision
11.7 -- An introduction to std::string_viewAdded sections: converting std::string to std::string_view, and passing strings to functions
2022 Mar 14Revision
6.13 -- Inline functionsRewrote lesson, added section on use of inline keyword in modern C++
2022 Feb 27Revision
0.10 -- Configuring your compiler: Compiler extensionsRemoved /Za as recommended setting for Visual Studio
2022 Feb 25Revision
10.4 -- Scoped enumerations (enum classes)Added section: Easing the conversion of scoped enumerators to integers (advanced)
2022 Feb 20Revision
2022 Feb 20Revision
2022 Feb 20Revision
2022 Feb 20Feature
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