Alex’s Threaded Comments WordPress Plugin v0.1

I’m finally releasing version 0.1 of Alex’s Threaded Comments, a WordPress plugin that allows you to add threaded comments to your web site. This plugin is really just a fork of the wonderful Brian’s Threaded Comments plugin (v1.5.12). I added a few bug fixes, a few new features, and a new look. Thanks for all the hard work, Brian.

This site is currently running this plugin, so take a look at the comments section below for an idea of how it looks.

Here’s what’s been added/fixed:

  • Fixed disappearing comment box/reroot issue.
  • Replaced name/email/URL with login note if logged in.
  • Changed to use external images so stat counters won’t be inflated.
  • Added ability to filter out pingbacks (via plugin options).
  • Added ability to change titlebar color if post was made by an admin (via CSS).
  • Changed the basic CSS style to look more streamlined.
  • Mostly fixed/worked-around IE6 rendering problems.

You can download this plugin here. Read the included HowToInstall.txt for directions on how to set the plugin up.

This plugin plays friendly with the WP AJAX Edit Comments plugin.

Because I didn’t write the original code for this plugin, I’m not intending to provide tech support for it. However, if you’re having a problem, you can post a message in my WordPress forum and maybe some kind soul will answer it. If you have any suggestions for future features or bug fixes you’d like to see, you can post those here.


38 comments to Alex’s Threaded Comments WordPress Plugin v0.1

  • Hi Alex, great feature! This was something I liked about Livejournal blogs that wasn't featured on Blogger or WordPress, and I missed. I'm wondering if it's something that can be added to (the web-based) blogs, or if it's only for (the software-based) blogs?

  • Hi, just testing to see how the fixed plugin works....

  • Great ... just what I was looking for! I saw this feature in a Serendipity-powered blog, asked if there was a similar plugin for WP in one of my membership forums and was referred to your blog.

  • Tariq Bamadhaj

    Is it possible to add numbers to each comment?

  • Does this plugin fix the moderated comments issue - ie them not being displayed to the user that just posted?

    Thanks very much for all your hard work modifying this great plugin.

  • J

    The comment box still disappears for me when canceling a reply. I use a custom theme and this may be the reason. Do you know what I can replace or change in order for this to work?

  • First of all, thanks for the great addon!

    Second, I have a little question. I have been searching where I can change the word 'Comment' before the name of the author. I can't seem to find it at all! (Trying to translate it to spanish), also. I'd like to use 'Dan's Avatar Thingy' and I'm not quite sure where I should put the code. Any help there?


    • The "Comment by xxx" line is printed in comments.php by line 115:


      As you'll note, comment_type() is a wordpress function that returns either 'comment', 'trackback', or 'pingback'. I am not sure how you'd tell it to return spanish instead.

      As for Dan's Avatar Thingy, I think you'd have to modify the comments.php file in order to add that. However, where you put that would depend on where you wanted it to show up on the screen. I think you'd probably have to figure it out by trial and error.

  • Arsonistx

    Awesome! Thanks for this great plugin.

  • Hi there Alex - thanks for your update to brians great (but not perfect) wp plugin.
    I will install it and give it a try out but it sounds like you have made a good thing better!
    There is only 1 thing i could really want now from this plugin.
    That is the ability to see all comments to an article on the main page folling the article.
    ie so that you don't have to click on the (x) comments link.
    I know this might go some way to make wordpress a kind of message board but funnily enough this is exactly what i want.

    what do you recon? is it possible


    • Hi Hal, thanks for the response. I am not sure I understand your request. You want all comments to an article to appear following the article without having to click a link -- isn't that how WordPress is set up by default? For example, this page doesn't require you to click a link to see the comments that follow.

      Perhaps I am misunderstanding. Can you clarify what you mean?

      • yes i sure can.
        take for example my main page

        on this main page you can see recent posts to the blog but comments arent visible on this page.
        That would be what i'd like to happen!
        To see the comments you have to click a comments link or the article (which then views it in single post mode.

        I guess it should be quite simple to add whatever code is used in single post mode (that would include the comments loop) after the main page post.

        I could explain it better pictorialy but i can't remember where i put the mock up i made right now

        also the plugin works great (as you can see from my site :)

        • Hi again Hal, glad the plugin is working well for you. You might consider changing some of the colors used (via CSS) to provide better contrast with your link and text colors, etc...

          If I am understanding you correctly, you are saying you'd like the user to be able to see the comments to the articles you post from the front page without having to go to the subpage for the article? That doesn't sound like a job for this plugin, but rather something that would involve you modifying your theme's files similar to how comment.php was modified to support this plugin.

          • Cool - I thought that would probably be the case - will have to get out the editing loops for dummies book again :)

            one more question, i had planned to change the css rather radically (it's not primily for use on that site) and wondered where the css code actually is for this plugin.
            I mist confess i haven't looks for it that deeply yet but can't find it at the mo

          • The CSS is all towards the bottom of AlexsTheadedComments.php. You can't miss it.

          • ah
            Thanks once again alex.. :)

  • Alright, I'll take a stab at the first comment to see how this new plugin looks! great job as usual Alex.

    take care,

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