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Alex’s Threaded Comments WordPress Plugin v0.1

I’m finally releasing version 0.1 of Alex’s Threaded Comments, a WordPress plugin that allows you to add threaded comments to your web site. This plugin is really just a fork of the wonderful Brian’s Threaded Comments plugin (v1.5.12). I added a few bug fixes, a few new features, and a new look. Thanks for all the hard work, Brian.

This site is currently running this plugin, so take a look at the comments section below for an idea of how it looks.

Here’s what’s been added/fixed:

You can download this plugin here [1]. Read the included HowToInstall.txt for directions on how to set the plugin up.

This plugin plays friendly with the WP AJAX Edit Comments [2] plugin.

Because I didn’t write the original code for this plugin, I’m not intending to provide tech support for it. However, if you’re having a problem, you can post a message in my WordPress forum [3] and maybe some kind soul will answer it. If you have any suggestions for future features or bug fixes you’d like to see, you can post those here.