Recent news box on front page for Tiga 1.0.2 theme (obsoleted)

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I added a “recent news” box to the front page of the site, which shows the most recent items posted in the News category. It’s the easiest way to find the most up to date news about the site or the C++ Tutorial.

For you Tiga fans who would like to add your own recent posts box to your Tiga-themed web site, here’s how you do it.

1) First, install the customizable post listings plugin. This plugin is what does the work of listing the posts.

2) Second, download the newspage page template and extract it to a local directory. This newspage page template will only work with the Tiga theme.

3) Third, edit the newspage.php file with an editor (for Windows users, wordpad works fine). You will see a line that looks like this:

    %post_date%: %post_URL%

    ", "4"); ?>

Change the “4” to the category ID of the category you want the box to display posts from. If you want the box to display posts from multiple categories, change the “4” to a space separated list of category IDs.

4) Upload the template into your wp-content/themes/tiga-06/ directory.

5) Go to your WordPress Administrator. For each page you wish to have a recent posts box: Edit the page. On the right side, you should see a “Page Template” box. Select “Newspage”. Save your page.

That’s it.

2 comments to Recent news box on front page for Tiga 1.0.2 theme (obsoleted)

  • Unfortunately, this idea (as implemented here) is not easily extensible to other themes without some php/css coding work. When viewers look at a normal static page, it loads page.php to use as a default page template. page.php is customized by almost every theme. Thus, the page.php for one theme will be different from the page.php for another theme.

    The newspage.php file linked above is a file that I modified based on Tiga's page.php file. It's basically Tiga's page.php file with a few lines added to display the box in a style that looks like the Tiga sidebar boxes (using a CSS style that is only available in the Tiga theme) and then show the recent news using the plugin.

    Consequently, anybody wanting to port this to another theme would have to create their own newspage.php based on the page.php for their theme, and then utilize a different style from their style.css (also dependent on their theme).

    It would be pretty cool if it were easily portable across themes, though. I'll have to spend some time and look into whether there's a way to make that happen.

  • Wow! Great find... it may actually be something I use for my static pages.

    If you go to the help forums at WP I think there are plenty of people asking for something like this.

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