Tiga and WordPress 2.5

Hey everyone,

I just upgraded this site to WordPress 2.5 and Tiga v2.3 appears to be working just fine.


If you are running Tiga v2.3 already should be able to upgrade to WordPress v2.5 with no major problems.

If you are running an older version of the Tiga theme, install the 2.2/2.3 patch, then upgrade to WordPress v2.5.

If you are not running Tiga at all, you can download the original Tiga theme here. Then install the 2.2/2.3 patch. Then upgrade to WordPress v2.5.

If there are any general problems with the Tiga v2.3 theme under WordPress 2.5, you can leave a response under this thread.



Check to be sure your ink cartridges are full.

8 comments to Tiga and WordPress 2.5

  • Rage5110

    Hey Alex,

    I think it would be totally radical if you could do an offline version of these tutorials. For example, in PDF format or something. Which I think would help other users read up on when they have no internet connectivity. Other than that, the WordPress theme is bugging out for me. The Search bar TextBox, is escaping its bounding area. So I have to Pop-up the old, code inspector to change the width everytime I change a page *I hope that gets fix though* for some reason it only acts that way on my Linux system, while maintaining its bounding area on my Windows PC.

    Thank you for these amazing tutorials, +1 1337.

  • WordPress

    That's good news for me xD

  • Where can i find the theme? Without plugin

  • Great blog. I like layout!!!!

  • Jon

    This does not work if there is a pre-existing WordPress 2.5 installation. If I set it to override with the stylesheet it's ok. If I try to use the Tigarator I get unstyled HTML

  • Hello, Just to let you know I am so glad I found the Tiga 2.3 upgrade. I upgraded WordPress to 2.5 and none of the sidebars worked. Now they seem to be doing what was intended.

    Thank you for your effort!

    Have a good day!


  • PoisonedV

    Hi, I love your site- i bought C++ for dummies beforehand but it turned out that even though I got the latest version, the standards had changed and none of the code worked. Anyway, my main computer isn't online- is there anyway you can provide an online download/archive of all your tutorials?

    [ Sorry, there is currently no way to do this, nor an easy way for me to implement it at this time. :( -Alex ]

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